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Our process ensures that you get both quality, as well as our lowest price guaranteed!

Selecting your color is the first step in starting your Granite upgrade; we invite you to visit one of our 5 showrooms – our knowledgeable staff will assist you in choosing a color that is perfect for you.

Our trained professionals will then discuss other aspects relating to your project:

Step 1 Estimating

We’ll arrange a time that best suits your schedule, even for evenings and weekends, and we’ll come by your house, measure the countertops you’d like, and email you a quote a few days later. Or draw your own diagram and earn a $100 credit towards a granite countertop from Granite Direct.

Step 2 Showroom Visit, Sign Out Samples

We have large examples of all 80 colours of granite at our showrooms. Our knowledgeable staff will help you narrow the choice, and at Granite Direct we realize there is no substitute for bringing back to your home samples of the granites you are interested in. We sign out 12”x12” samples of granite for you to take home and put on your countertops.

Step 3 Templating

As one of the most critical steps in the entire process, we have invested significant capital in purchasing the most advanced laser templating hardware available. Our trained Templator will come to your home shortly after your order has been confirmed to template and measure your countertops.

This process will take approximately 90 minutes to complete. It’s then turned into an AutoCAD drawing and ready for fabrication

Step 4 AutoCAD and Fabrication

Once we have the Laser Templating files, our Drafting personal will generate a custom AutoCAD drawing for your job. This drawing AutoCAD is then downloaded to the factory floor, and is ready for fabrication.

With over 500 years of combined experience in the granite business, our factory takes pride in delivering high quality Granite Countertops. Our Edge profiles are some of the best in terms of quality and shine.

Step 5 Tear Out and Plumbing Services

As part of the process, your old countertops will need to be removed and disposed of. As part of the removal and installation process, your current sinks will need to be disconnected and your new sinks will need to be reconnected approximately 24 hours after your installation.

We offer these services through Independent Contractors who work according to our schedule, reducing the confusion which can occur when trying to schedule multiple trades for a single job. Your Sales person can help you to decide which services are right for you and include them on your invoice.

Step 6 Installation

Once we have received your completed job, we will contact you and schedule an installation date. In most cases, the actual installation will only take one day.

If you have gone through Granite Direct to supply your Tear Out and Plumbing services, we will coordinate these trades to show up and perform these services at the same time. If you have arranged these services independently, you will need to ensure that the site is prepared prior to our installation crews arriving.

Step 7 Installation of Sinks/Vanities

We have simplified the renovation process by sourcing a number of high quality Kitchen and Vanity sinks to choose from. These sinks can be added directly to your order by our sales staff at significant savings over retail prices. We help you Simplify your job with “Simple” brand sinks.

Step 8 Installation of Backsplash Tile

After your cabinets and granite countertop are installed, the last thing you want to deal with is finding another tradesperson to come and tile up your backsplash.

At Granite Direct you can choose from our wide selection of tile backsplashes, or supply your own; we’ll arrange for a professional tile setter to install your backsplash.

Step 9 Quality Control Visit

Once the project is finished our Quality Controller visits your house to make sure we met and exceeded your expectations. If you have issues, we will resolve them.

At Granite Direct we want to win your referral! We won’t rest until you answer yes to the question: Would you refer Granite Direct?

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